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Eating well is as important as living well

Here you’ll find the nutritional facts behind the food and beverages you love. So now you’ll know what you’re getting with all that fine flavour.


Beverage Nutritional Information

This guide contains the allergen and nutrition information on all our beverages at Starbucks®.

Food Nutritional Information

This guide contains the allergen and nutrition information for all our food products at Starbucks®.

The nutritional information given here was calculated by the ESHA R&D SQL® software and is based on standard recipes and standard servings from Starbucks as well as the information provided by the manufacturer. Since the products are prepared by hand, the portions can differ from one another, which in turn affects the respective product information. It is also possible that products or recipes are changed, which is updated here at regular intervals. All information is correct at the time of publication and all information is subject to change without notice. The completeness of the information is not guaranteed. Misprints and errors are reserved.