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When are Starbucks stores open?

The opening hours are posted right at our stores and you can also find them here.


Where can I find the nearest Starbucks store?

In our online store locator you will find all Starbucks Coffee stores in your area.


Can I order Starbucks merchandise online?

Unfortunately, we do not offer an online store in Switzerland. Our products are available exclusively at Starbucks Coffee Houses.


Does Starbucks offer gift certificates and gift cards?

You can purchase Starbucks gift cards at all of our Coffee Houses. You can have these loaded with any amount up to a maximum of CHF 250.00 right in the store.


I've heard that Starbucks is involved in local causes that benefit the community by donating and providing volunteers. How can I get help from Starbucks for a charity I support?

Community involvement plays a big role for Starbucks, and our Coffee Houses are happy to sponsor events for the public good in any way they can. Please contact the Coffee House management in your area to learn more.


I want to work at Starbucks. Where can I apply?

In order to process your application correctly, we would like to ask you to apply directly on our platform for one of the advertised positions.


Can I do my term paper or thesis at Starbucks?

We receive several requests daily regarding support for term papers/theses, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot supervise such work. However, on our website you will find a lot of exciting and useful information about Starbucks ( or