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Can I have the Starbucks food and beverage assortment delivered to my home?

Yes. You can also order custom food and beverages online and have them delivered to your home. At the moment, this is possible via UberEats.


Where and how can I have Starbucks food and beverages delivered to my home?

It's very simple. Create a personal account at or download the UberEats app from the App Store. Next, enter your home address and type "Starbucks" in the search box. You will then be guided step by step through the ordering process.


I can't find the Starbucks offering on the delivery service app. Why is that?

For quality reasons, we can only offer our assortment within a certain radius of our stores. So, if you are outside a certain radius, unfortunately we are unable to deliver to you.


Why is my favorite drink not available in the delivery service offering?

We want to give you a unique Starbucks taste experience at home, too. For quality assurance reasons, we are therefore unable to deliver some drinks to your home. This applies especially to smaller drink sizes, which quickly get cold on the go, or drinks with a high milk foam content.


Are the drinks that are delivered to my home prepared in the same way as in the store?

All our drinks are prepared fresh for you according to the original recipe by our baristas in the nearest Starbucks store. However, for quality assurance reasons, we have to refrain from using certain ingredients and garnishes, such as whipped cream, in the preparation of some drinks. You will find relevant information in the product descriptions on your delivery service app.


Can I pay for Starbucks beverage and food delivery with the Starbucks Card?

The delivery service is currently offered exclusively via UberEats. The Starbucks Card therefore cannot be accepted as a means of payment.


Can I earn or redeem Starbucks Rewards Stars when I order Starbucks beverages and food for delivery?

The delivery service is currently offered exclusively via UberEats. Unfortunately, the Starbucks Rewards program is not yet available this way.


Can I pick up the food and drinks ordered via the delivery service myself in the store?

The delivery service is currently offered exclusively via UberEats. Pick-up in-store is not yet offered on this order channel.